Temporary Employment as a corporate management strategy

Temporary Employment is increasingly becoming an essential instrument for corporate management at several levels: Human Resources, Finance, Production, Marketing, Logistics, etc. insofar as it offers effective solutions to deal with increased activity, cost reduction, holiday replacements, short and long-term absences, job vacancies, promotions of new products/services.

Turning to temporary employment is therefore one of the practices used to enable companies to focus on their core business and achieve unarguably improved competitiveness by looking outside the company for tasks such as recruitment processes and other worker-related bureaucratic activities.

For many workers, particularly younger ones, temporary employment represents a unique opportunity to develop their professional skills and access the job market within a context where economic instability has rendered access to a job a scarce commodity. The use of temporary employment is simultaneously, for many companies, a way of safeguarding the quality of the recruitment for their permanent staff. The recruitment rigour and quality which characterises Egor’s business activity means that a significant percentage of temporary employees placed via Tutela – EGOR’s temporary employment company – has been admitted to the clients’ permanent staff structure following a successful period of adaptation to the job.

José Mendonça

Head of Jobcenter Aveiro, Egor Temporary Employment

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