Leave the logistics to us

In order to conquer markets and to become more competitive, companies must, amongst other things, optimise their existing human resources and bring new employees into the framework of each project. The ability to provide an immediate response to requests which arise is pivotal in achieving success. To this end, the hiring process needs to be flexible; competent Human Resources during the necessary period and rigorous cost control.

Temporary employment is therefore an important partner insofar as it assures, in useful time, the right worker for the period which is strictly necessary, for a price previously contractually stipulated.

At EGOR we believe in simple and transparent processes from a perspective of partnership with our clients and workers. We work in the area of logistics, amongst others, with competent professionals, supported by a database of workers which is permanently validated and processed according to the profile stipulated by each client, thereby enabling a rapid response to the client’s needs.

Requests for workers in the area of logistics are usually accompanied by the phrase “We need it yesterday”. Our work therefore requires constant commitment, dedication and professionalism. And that is exactly what we offer: commitment in selecting the right professional, dedication in remaining contactable 24 hours a day and professionalism when it comes to formalising the worker admission process, in compliance with all legal and formal requirements, as a certified company.

We know the business, its variants and the necessary profiles. Right now, we are considered the best Temporary Employment company in the market, recognised by our clients within the remit of the survey undertaken by the APG – Portuguese Personnel Management Association.

What are you waiting for? Leave your logistics to us.


João Camacho
Senior Consultant, Egor Temporary Employment

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