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WAGE COST Vacation 8.33
Holiday Allowance 8,33
Christmas subsidy 8,33
Total Remuneration 124,99
Social Security (23,75%) 29,69
Workplace Accident Insurance (average value) 3,12
Work Compensation Guarantee Fund (0,075%) 0,075
Compensation for Expiry 5,00
Professional qualification 1,96
Occupational Health Exams 0,83
Total Direct Costs


Total Direct Costs Recruitment and selection;
Administrative Procedures;
Financial Costs
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The Inevitable Death Of Gender

In a recent edition of the “Expresso” newspaper, the image of the women at the helm of the powerful ministries of Justice and Agriculture and the Home Office are testament to the fact that something is changing in the issue of gender inequality. Nevertheless, and despite the progress made by women in the scientific, intellectual and political arenas, the worldwide economic and social inequality to which even the most evolved societies are still subjecting women is an unjust manifestation of a power which is destined to perish – we don’t know when – with a moral victory for women.

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Leave the logistics to us

In order to conquer markets and to become more competitive, companies must, amongst other things, optimise their existing human resources and bring new employees into the framework of each project. The ability to provide an immediate response to requests which arise is pivotal in achieving success. To this end, the hiring process needs to be flexible; competent Human Resources during the necessary period and rigorous cost control.

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Temporary Employment as a corporate management strategy

Temporary Employment is increasingly becoming an essential instrument for corporate management at several levels: Human Resources, Finance, Production, Marketing, Logistics, etc. insofar as it offers effective solutions to deal with increased activity, cost reduction, holiday replacements, short and long-term absences, job vacancies, promotions of new products/services.

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