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A well-known Catalonian specialist in behavioural science defined Coaching as the “art of blowing embers”. It is an appropriate image for a process whose main aim is to help people to discover and develop skills which have been lying dormant under the ashes of habits and daily routines.

Rediscovered by organisations a few decades ago, coaching is, nevertheless, one of the most ancient facets of human knowledge which has been passed down through the ages. In the 5th Century B.C., the Greek philosopher Socrates was the most well-known practitioner of learning and personal self-discovery based on the art of listening and dialogue.

Brought up-to-date by psychological advancement, today Coaching is one of the most effective methodologies for developing self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and personal breakthroughs.

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In top-level sports, as in organisations and business, athletes and managers long ago discovered that help from a coach is a powerful tool for success.

In developing leadership, teamwork or career management skills, Egor’s Coaching professionals have – as well as ICF* certification – a wealth of practical work experience, consolidated in results, in all sectors of business activity, both individually and with groups.

*International Coach Federation

Team Coaching

Team Coaching is a process developed so that a group or team can achieve a winning performance. To this end, an atmosphere of reflexion is created where members become aware of existing motivations, perceptions and dynamics, and help is given in experiencing learning situations which will enable and guide them towards achieving the collective goals.

Team Coaching is becoming increasingly common in the business world and is often used by Managers and Leaders to construct a mobilising vision in demanding and different organisational scenarios, such as increasing productivity, achieving goals and or implementing processes of change

The programmes we develop are focused on solutions and comprise 4 stages: development needs and objectives to be achieved, process panning, action-orientated work sessions and evaluation of results.

Team Coaching enables, amongst other things:

  • Clarification of purpose, values, standards and responsibilities
  • Definition of the decision-making model
  • Development of relationships of trust, commitment and communication
  • Awareness of the obstacles to operation
  • Creation of positive collective beliefs and emotional intelligence
  • Practising of assessment of results and progress

Throughout the entire process, your goal is our goal too: to inspire and motivate the team to fly the company flag, with utter commitment and dedication.

Executive Coaching

In a changing business world, which is increasingly dynamic and demanding, we have to reinvent ourselves every day, on our path to authenticity and excellence.

Executive Coaching is a structured process of individual development which supports executives in improving their performance and achieving extraordinary results within an organisational context.
It can be undertaken in a Business Coaching environment, using a modus operandi as a reference, or it can be tailor-made, to help a Professional achieve their personal goals.

Our programmes are focused on solutions and involve 4 stages: development needs and objectives to be achieved, process panning, action-orientated work sessions and evaluation of results.

In a one-to-one relationship, the Coach encourages the Executive to indulge in moments of reflexion and self-knowledge and helps them to overcome limiting beliefs, set their talents free and gain new perspectives and behaviours, in those areas which are vital to achieving the desired success.

The benefits resulting from a Coaching experience are profound, transformative and have a lasting effect. Although they focus on the Executive’s professional life, looking at things with a fresh pair of eyes helps new perspectives to sink in and spread quickly to other areas of life.

Talent Management

To live is to broaden horizons, create opportunities and fulfil career potential, responsibilities, not only of Employees but also of Organisations.

Career Development is a challenge for everyone. At those times when decisions have to be made, which take people or organisations along certain paths to the detriment of others, it is essential that these choices are taken consciously and in coordination with your personal characteristics and the corporate situation.

What moves people and Organisations? What goals do they want to achieve? What plan needs to be implemented in order to achieve them? What are the options and possibilities of achieving career challenges? These are just some of the many questions which must be answered in an informed and dedicated manner.

During the process, Employees and Companies need support. Ours Career Management services are personalised, aim to improve the success of professionals in transition or going through career development, and consist of 4 stages: self-assessment, professional plan and plan of action, exploration of opportunities and development of skills.

Our Consultants are qualified and experienced in Career Coaching and are enrolled as Coaching professionals in the ICF - International Coaching Federation.

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