Shaping the Future of Consultancy

Quantify and certify your organisation’s human capital, and tailor it to the business goals and to the potential for development and evolution of its assets and talents, taking into account the growth, expansion or re-sizing of the company.

Our work doesn’t just involve an occasional intervention. We periodically follow up and monitor your organisation and guarantee maintenance of the management system. Furthermore, we ensure suitability to the markets in which you operate, and simultaneously create solutions and provide quantitative and qualitative data to support strategic and management decisions.

We are at your side at those crucial times in the development of your organisation.

  • During the restructuring of processes and procedures;
  • During the assessment of senior permanent staff;
  • During career management/planning;
  • During preparation for succession;
  • During any other need involving people, because they are an Organisation’s “cornerstone”.

We operate from the logic of 360º Consultancy, in the following manners


In an increasingly competitive economy, it is vital for companies to gain flexibility, through restructuring, merging and downsizing processes, in order to adjust the business to market fluctuations. Since this is inevitable, Outplacement stands out as a win-win solution.

The benefits are felt both by the Companies, which strengthen their internal and institutional brand image, and by the released Professionals, who improve their employability, career management and placement in the marketplace.

Our Outplacement Services support Companies in successfully implementing this type of programme. We can help at different stages of the process:

  • Planning the action and preparing the communiqué to the Organisation and persons involved
  • Training Communicators
  • Professional and psychological support upon leaving the company
  • Designing and implementing outplacement programmes aimed at ex-Employees

The support provided in our programmes is developed within an individual, group or mixed context, and its length is variable, in accordance with the Participants’ profiles and their adjustment to the market. The subjects addressed are results-orientated and include: self-diagnosis and professional plans, personal marketing, searching the market and job interview.

What makes us different:

  • Frequent Reporting to the Company for close monitoring of the projects
  • Good methodological practices which combine advice, mentoring and coaching
  • Qualified consultants who have the Know-how of an international coaching certification and a wealth of experience of the job market and field of recruitment and selection
  • Prominent position of the EGOR Group in the Recruitment and Selection, Temporary Employment and Outsourcing market
  • International partnerships and representation in Portugal of recognised Career Transition / Outplacement Companies
Integrated Human Resources System

SRH-EGOR is an integrated Management model which equips the Company with a set of human resources systems aligned with the business’s vision and the Top Management and Management Team decision-making process.

The projects are participative and tailor-made to fit the Organisation, and may involve:

  • Communication Plan, to provide information about the goal and benefits of the project, stages, parties involved, responsibilities and results to be achieved
  • Management Policy, based on the Company’s mission, culture and values, and the business’s goals, strategy and critical success factors
  • Human Resources Management Tools, including:
    • Competency Model, Job Analysis and Description, Performance Indicators, Performance Management and Assessment, Job Assessment, Career Model and Remuneration System
  • Information System, with indicators about management duties and results such as changing roles, performance, training needs and development potential of Employees
  • Manager Training in operating the Systems created, as well as training of Human Resources Specialists for transferral of know-how, proper management of all information produced and maintenance and development of processes

In order to support the implementation, the SRH-EGOR has a computer platform where the information gathered during the projects can be entered, processed and searched. Work processes involving more than one person are performed online, in a web environment.

The implementation may be performed by our consultants on a permanent or partial basis, in line with the Client’s requirements.

Organisational Culture and Climate Studies

Our Organisational Climate Studies assess workers’ perceptions, attitudes, opinions and feelings regarding the different aspects of the organisation and their working environment.

The information gathered enables data to be obtained to ensure management which has a direct impact on results and promotes the development of more positive relations between workers.

By knowing workers’ opinions, an organisation can increase personnel productivity and motivation, reduce staff turnover and encourage better performances. When workers feel that upper management values their opinions, they tend to feel more involved with the company and with their work.

Our Organisational Culture Studies also enable the more marked dimensions of a certain organisation to be identified and for action to be taken in those where the needs are greater, as well as allowing an assessment of workers’ involvement given the company’s culture and values.

Using this type of study, we can ascertain deviations between the culture desired by Top Management, the actual culture in place in an organisation and the degree of compatibility between the various different dimensions of the organisational culture.

The technology we employ in applying the questionnaires is based on an online platform which participants access and respond to anonymously.

Professional and Curricular Certification

Recruitment processes often throw up the so-called “chameleon CV”. Situations such as increased length of time in certain jobs, an inflated job title and other untruths relating to personal details, qualifications and professional achievements arise with some frequency.

The temptation to adjust employment histories to the demands of a certain job leads some candidates to slightly modify or alter the details on their application.

Based on many years’ experience within the sector, EGOR has developed an internal candidate CV checking process which has turned into a service we provide to companies conducting their own selection processes, who seek support from an independent body guaranteeing the reliability of their candidates’ CV details.

Remunerations Surveys

By performing analysis/research work with organisations whose business characteristics are similar to your company, we can identify the positioning of a Company’s Remunerations System in the market, by gathering a set of details relating to salary and other benefits.

Once the “target” companies have been identified, information is gathered as contained in the report we make available to our client and to participating companies, whilst ensuring data confidentiality.

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Interim Management

What is Interim Management?

This is a service whereby executives or managers with broad experience take on the management, for a limited period, of one of more areas of business of an organisation with the aim of implementing a series of tasks, services or policies stipulated by the top management. It is a quick and flexible solution which is suitable when the intention is to achieve objective and effective results.

Interim Managers are experienced senior staff with experience in trouble-shooting, outlining strategies and setting goals. These professionals may join an organisation for a limited period and their mission is to act as managers/consultants in order to implement the goals agreed upon with the organisation’s management.

Interim Management Services are justified to:

  • Meet management needs in certain areas or departments;
  • Substitute a certain manager for a definite period of time;
  • Manage transitional periods or planning of succession;
  • Supporting organisations during times of change, namely mergers, integration or acquisition of processes, restructuring/organisations, launches of new products/businesses, etc.

How we operate at EGOR:

At EGOR, we work in partnership with our clients, providing them with specialist managers/consultants, with proven experience in various different areas of management.
From a project perspective, these professionals are tasked with making every effort to achieve the strategic goals set by the clients, during a pre-set period of time, constantly monitored every step of the way to match the results achieved with the goals set.


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