Shaping the Future of Search & Selection

For over a quarter of a century, EGOR has held an unparalleled position in the employment market in Portugal. Over a hundred thousand advertisements published in the Portuguese job board “Expresso” newspaper and on the internet, and thousands of professionals selected and placed, throughout the country, are the most visible proof of how effective our methods are.

We know that worker selection and recruitment tasks are some of the most complex difficulties and one of the greatest risks in management. At EGOR we provide the right support to companies in finding the right candidate for the specific role on which your company’s successful achievement of targets may depend.

Our consultants invest however much time is necessary to get to know your business and assimilate the goals of a new employee.

We provide a flexible and personalized service based on many successfully years of professional experience in similar challenges.

As part of their job, EGOR’s specialist consultants devote most of their time to meeting the needs of companies and organisations from all sectors, in searching for, attracting, selecting and placing candidates or work teams from all levels of responsibility.

Many of the candidates who found their first job through us are now clients of ours who entrust us with selecting their workers.

Specialist Recrutiment and Selection

We make a difference in a very competitive market, through professional practices which are not exhausted during a hasty candidate attraction phase and with the sending of CVs to our clients. Our main asset we offer clients is an efficient selection process involving lengthy interviews to gauge and validate candidates’ technical and professional skills, assess their attitudes and motivation, check CVs and gather professional references.

The substitution guarantees we offer are a testament to the certainty of our work and the quality of the services we provide.

EGOR was the first Portuguese permanent senior staff selection and recruitment company to be certified by APCER, in 1996, in accordance with international standard ISO 2000. We maintain this to this day.

Both in Lisbon and in Porto, EGOR is at your disposal to submit no-obligation work proposals to solve your problems in attracting the talent which your organisation needs in order to continue to grow.

Executive Search

EGOR Executive Search is an efficient personalised service aimed at top-level professionals.

The direct search for highly-qualified or specialist professionals is a tool which is increasingly gaining importance in the market. The experience of EGOR’s consultants, together with a strong and vast knowledge of organisations and of the market, make us your partner par excellence.

Skills Assessment

We help our clients to improve their teams’ operating results, by assessing their behavioural and organisational profile. The Skills Assessment service adds value to the decision-making process during training and restructuring and in situations of poor performance or unsuitability for the job.

We work with technological talent management solutions, both via attendance and virtually. We have developed a personalised service, adapted to the reality of the business and to the corporate culture, overseen by specialist consultants. Our solutions enable multifunctional and skills assessment using he results obtained from situational judgement tests, simulations, questionnaires, tests and interviews.

Competitive Advatages

SPECIALISATION: The experience, professionalism and technical competence of our consultants are the best guarantee of EGOR’s ability to find the best recruitment solutions for our clients.

TECHNOLOGIES: When designing and implementing our proposed solutions for our clients we use methods, data systems and assessment tools which are internationally recognised for their efficiency and which have been tested and adapted to the social and cultural reality of organisations in Portugal

CREDIBILITY: The recognised quality of our work as consultants and the strict ethical code which governs our relations with all our stakeholders, guarantee EGOR access to an unlimited number of professionals in all sectors of business activity.


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