Shaping the Future of Training

We use design thinking to understand the needs and motivations of workers and companies.

We create interactive experiments which lead participants from learning to action.

How we do it

We observe – to learn with our eyes

  • On-the-job observation

We empathise – to experience the difficulties and good practices of workers and clients

  • Mystery client

We question – to go deeper

  • Focus Group
  • Interviews
  • Surveys

We design Solutions - to fulfil needs

  • Integrated
  • Functional
  • Experiential
  • Inspiring
  • Enjoyable
  • Memorable

We implement – to ensure that participants experience and learn

  • Training
  • Workshop
  • Teambuilding

We measure – to understand the impact

  • 360º Assessment
  • Follow-up
  • Transfer and ROI


Discover our solutions


Learning, training, reflexion and growth – learning by doing

We develop tailor-made behavioural training actions, requiring attendance or blended learning. We use disruptive methodologies which grab the participants’ interest, lead to reflexion and make it easier to understand knowledge. We employ training and practice to solidify learning.

Some of our specialist areas

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Reception and sales
  • Customer service
  • Contact Center
  • Time Management with Outlook
  • Presentation techniques

Example of one of our training sessions:


Learning, reflexion and sharing - hands-on

We design and plan the process which meets the group’s challenge. In the “classroom”, we facilitate knowledge, reflexions and insights. We incentivise the group towards action.

Example of one of our Workshops:

Team Building

Experience and learning – experiential learning

We develop tailor-made projects, under an outdoor, indoor or mixed regime, based on experiential methodologies. Participants have fun, become excited and learn whilst reflecting on their experiences.


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