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What drives us.

Our purpose is to provide our clients with the specialized support they need, in a volatile labor market, where talent is increasingly scarce and recruitment increasingly complex, providing a quality fit between the company and its staff.

Candidate sourcing is a relevant phase of the Talent Acquisition area, being one of the most demanding activities in the industry of recruiting and selecting qualified professionals. On a European scale, this type of activity is estimated to have mobilized, in 2018, a business value of around 445 billion euros.

In the current market, the ability to identify and recruit the most talented employees is a decisive factor for all companies. At Egor, the Talent Acquisition Solutions area adds value not only to the experience of several decades of work in the sector, but also to the use of cutting-edge technologies.


Sales Marketing & Shared Services

Finance, Auditing & Human Resources

& Logistics

& Support

Lisbon and Porto

We have more than 45,000 professionals recruited and selected to work for Companies that have relied on Egor's services. Talent Acquisition Solutions joins teams located in Lisbon and Porto.

The processes.


01. Sourcing/

02. Identification and Selection
of Candidates

03. Verification
and Validation

04. Shortlist submission

05. Integration &

Executive Search

When recruiting candidates for C-Level roles, the processes are always led by teams of experienced consultants and include a confidential research process carried out by senior advisors.


For a complete assessment of the candidates' skills, motivations and adaptation to the role, we suggest carrying out an individual or group assessment, with the preparation of a confidential report.

The definition of the skills to be assessed will be adjusted according to the role to be filled.

The validation and measurement of the proficiency for each skill will be validated through Psychological Tests, individual exercises and a semi-structured individual interview.