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A Conversa Acontece | Podcast

“ A Conversa Acontece” (A Talk Happens) is an initiative of “Egor Faz Acontecer” (Egor Makes it Happen) that aims to break down and clarify current issues in our society, in a conversation with guests.


Welcome to our podcast!

Egor consists of a group of companies, with 100% national share capital, in the area of human resources consultancy. Through its knowledge and structure acquired over more than 30 years, the social responsibility project, ‘Egor Makes it Happen’, was born. It seeks to help those who need it the most,  aiming to create equitable conditions.

Promote Solidarity

We believe that the right equation for a better society is to create conditions that bring together employees, companies and brands with the same objective: helping those in need.

Environmental responsibility

Reduce the ecological footprint through corporate and individual actions that take adjusted growth into account, to protect the environment for future generations, ensuring sustainability.


We want to be influential agents in the environment in which we operate, contributing to a better society and promoting solidarity through the means available to us. Do good to those in need.


Our objective is, through individual and collective availability, to deliver the results of our efforts to entities whose needs can be minimized, through regular and lasting intervention.  It is our understanding that this is the only possible way to help others and find a path to progress and personal growth.

Values and Principles

Our values constitute the basis on which we establish the core of our activity and behavior.


We set ambitious yet achievable goals.

We continually challenge ourselves to overcome the barriers we face, and we promote everyone’s participation by providing other sources of fulfillment and personal development.

Make it Happen

We seek to influence people and organizations, creating conditions for them to contribute with ideas and solutions to make things happen.

How to help

Become our partner, help us support causes, through monetary or in-kind donations, contributing with goods included in the respective campaigns, or otherwise contact us proposing a partnership!


Address for delivery of goods:


Av. José Malhoa, nº. 16 F – 4º


1070-159 LISBON