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What drives us?

We streamline solutions focused on People, aimed at the success of Companies, through constant updating and a multidisciplinary approach, specialized in management and transformation consultancy.

We support clients in defining strategies, such as performance management and the alignment of Human Resources policies with the organization’s strategic objectives, culture transformation, talent management and staff analytics tools.

Consulting services


Culture and change

Egor Consulting offers models of change and organizational culture, focused on the emotional well-being of People, building engaging and empathetic solutions from an end-to-end perspective.


Engagement & People Experience

Innovative approaches in line with the latest trends in People’s management.



An integrated approach that aims to build People-oriented solutions and enhancement of results.

Structure & Design

Estrutura & Desenho Organizacional

Having an efficient and effective remuneration policy, designed to attract, retain and motivate employees, translates into a competitive advantage.


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